Black Dress

           What has happened before Holly ? Here is what I've read... Coco Chanel, published a picture of a short black dress in Vogue. The dress was very simple and also was afforable for women of all social classes.
The black dress became more popular during the Great Depression in America. American filmmakers wanted to use black dresses because other colors looked distorted on screen.
Moreover, during World War II, the black dress became an uniform for many labored women.
Also, black color was seen appropriate for Hollywood' s famme fatales characters.
And!!! in 1960s, by shortening the dress, it is worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
We still love that dress ...
Who doesn't like history by the way?
The 1st picture is from Vogue Paris of this month, the 2nd picture is a 1966 publishing of the book, and the 3rd picture is a 2012 publishing of the book.


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