Istanbul part trois


Here is the view of Bosphorus
          This time I'm not here in Istanbul for a visit. In June during my 1st visit, I keep saying that 'It's really warm outside, I will never come back here this summer again.' Actually, the things did not happen as I thought. I have been here 2 more times :) :) Due to the malls have AC, they become the places you can stand during day time. However, Istanbul has got the look :)


FNO 2012

          The biggeset fashion event that brings designers, models, stars, and fashion lovers together... It begins in the year 2009 in New York City, and becomes a global event that takes part in 18 countries including Turkey. In New York City, FNO 2012  has officially a date now, Sept. 6th.


           Last month I was in Istanbul just for 5 days, and also I had a chance to visit Istanbul Modern and see Burhan Doğançay' s work of art. If you like to be a part of city life, you should see that exhibition of urban walls. It reflects a good temporal reference. Especially, there are lots of work from New York and Istanbul. You may feel yourself taking the metro in New York.
The exhibiton ends in Sept. 23rd.



All Clichés about Paris are True :)

 The View from Centre Pompidou,the city still has got the same old look :)

Karl Lagerfeld from Helmut Newton's perspective

Yves Saint Laurent from H.Newton

I did forget about the macarons, they were fantastic :))

Coco Chanel book that I found in the store of Paul Smith, Saint Honoré :)

         All Clichés about Paris are true... that's why they are overused, overvisited, overtold, but it's quite ironic that all of the clichés are still keeping their originality. Through overusing, some phrases are expected to lose their meaning as some of us can regard, but somehow the clichés about Paris get significance year by year.
My little list of them:
-Great food
-Great museums
-Great monuments
-Great parks
-Great bistrots
-Great brasseries&patisseries
-Small residances
-Wonderful streets in the rain especially
... find out whether or not the clichés are true ;)

In May, I had a short trip to Paris, this time It was a rainy Paris just like a movie. 


The Fashion Houses

 from the book Icons of Fashion

Christian Dior- silk lining and labels, "Zemire" Silk Satin. 1954.
Nina Ricci- Satin 1955.
The pictures are taken from the book; The Golden Age of Couture.

The Pictures of Coco Chanel are taken from the book Icons of Fashion.
Lanvin- 2012

Chanel (Karl Lagerfeld)-  2012

Dior- 2012

The designers are the heroes of Haute Couture who make us love fashion... The pictures that I like are from the pages of some books and magazines.

The Collection


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